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Bundlers - performance
Binder is the strap around package, complete the banding operation of the machine. Banding is to prevent scattered and lost items, easy to transport and storage

Step a plan new-style ta
Germany straps Wokusen message, step a plan high-powered data company (Momentive Performance Materials) the balata of silicon of new-style tall transparent liqu

The ABC that pack and pr
A. White paper kind---Common white paper, copy paper, crepe paper waitB. Bleb paper / the cloth with soft nap that protect interest / sponge / pearl cotton

Polybag cannot eat along
The data shows, in shedding a lot of polybag that connect to produce a course in the market now because use polystyrene to be raw material, the styrene mono

2008 China (Shenzhen) in
2008 China (Shenzhen) international lock exhibition China (Shenzhen) International Lock & Accessories Exhibition 2008 Time: In November 2008 27- -

Thailand international m
Beijing Zhong Shihua exhibits exhibition limited company [The world in 2008] (exhibit) word the 24th Attend about inviting " Thailand internationa

Rigid demand still path
"Gold 9 no longer " , hope " silver-colored 10 " prices erupts be afraid not quite actual also, then somebody judges city of car of country of call the turn als

Iron and steel of curren
One, reforming and opening 30 years since, the hair of Chinese iron and steel and coke industry develops form At present Chinese iron and steel and coke

Horizontal column lamp i
Horizontal column lamp is acted the role of desire collective goes to harbor to exhibit elegant demeanour, ascend larger stage to participate in competition. Th

The country teachs the c
The GB21746-2008 that standardizes technical committee organization to draft by countrywide education instrument " general principles of demand of security of e

The whole world discharg
The project of test of igneous power plant that Aersitong announced to the whole world uses A Ersi first times to understand technology of oxygen boosting combu

Advanced measure a techn
The measurement that is aimed at direct drive system technology Mix to character of high speed, high spirit, fast face as acting machine tool the way of

"3 sufficient tripartite
Cong Fengtian car (China) investment limited company learns, cropland of one steam abundant is in Sichuan Changchun new plant builds a project already at formal

Shenyang machine tool he
Recently, shenyang machine tool (4.6, - 0.11, - 2.34% , ) (000410, the 3 quarterly reports that SZ) releases and annual have a deficit beforehand announcement a